Through our Advisory services, we provide insights into the drivers that affect key strategic decision making thus leading to the growth of the firm. 

Our Advisory services are tailored to support the progress of your company on its growth journey. Whether through organic growth or the development of new projects, we help provide insights that would affect your strategic decision making and help to shape your next move.


We assist private equity, venture capital, and corporate firms that are seeking to expand through investments in Africa. We do this through devising diversification or investment strategies, putting deals on the clients’ desk, or offering post-investment support to new portfolio companies.

We offer deal origination and transaction advisory services:

  • Market analysis: Mapping sectors, macro trends, and stakeholders.
  • Pipeline development: Identifying firms with strong growth potential.
  • Investment analysis: Modelling growth projections, conduct financial, legal, and commercial due diligence.
  • Risk advisory: Macro risks assessments.



Are you trying to raise capital to grow your business?  Have you been approached by someone who wants to invest in your business?  Are you worried that you will miss a critical detail or sell your company for less than you should?

We will walk alongside you to help you raise capital, to make your business investment ready, or to help you buy another business.  We carry out valuations, due diligence, and transaction structuring.  

When we are contracted to raise capital, we work with the business to create the pitch decks and documentation required, then shortlist potential investors from our database of international private equity funds, impact investors, DFI’s, family offices, and high net worth individuals.

We reach out to a few of the most suitable investors and introduce them to the opportunity. From documentation creation to due diligence and final close, Ascar Capital manages and simplifies the entire process to ensure a smooth transaction and alignment between parties.

We are involved at all stages of the transaction:

  • Valuing the company or the project
  • Assessing funding requirements through cash flow projection models
  • Preparing investment memorandums for investors
  • Fundraising (debt and/or equity)
  • Negotiating the best possible terms and conditions of the financing
  • Coordinating legal and accounting advisors until the financial closing of the transaction.

We also offer the following services to transform your business:

Valuations: Obtaining an independent opinion on the valuation of a business is advisable in a variety of situations including transaction negotiations to legal disputes. We provide a range of realistic and fair values for business or division of business across all sectors.

Financial Due Diligence: We perform a rigorous analysis of the financial state of the business/target that would cover the quality of earnings to key accounting policies to balance sheet reviews and risk assessment.

Business and ​Financial Modelling​: We help you to capture opportunities and risks of your project/venture into a financial model and estimate the project and investor returns. This will enable you to make informed investment decisions.

Capital and Balance Sheet restructuring: Balancing the right amount of debt and equity in the business can improve the growth rate, reduce the overall growth of funding, and make the working capital cycle more efficient. We assist you in analyzing, structuring, and executing across a variety of debt products. We also provide advice and support on working capital management and refinancing.