We exist for the African Entrepreneur.

Investment Criteria:

The Ascar approach is to focus on companies that have passed the proof of concept phase and have a tangible product or service that has seen market acceptance and help them scale.

  • Quality Brand Name/Strong Reputation.
  • Stable and Diversified Client Base.
  • Founder run/Stable management
  • Simple Revenue Model/Revenue Predictability.
  • Clear Product Advantage/Niche.

Sector Focus:

The Ascar approach is to help businesses scale efficiently and as a result, employ many more people in sectors that are traditionally large contributors to the labour force.

We fund SMEs with sustainable business models and an intrinsic focus on a product or service that can scale and help them grow to be established businesses

  • F.M.C.G.
  • Financial and Business Services,
  • Technology,
  • Real Estate
  • Agri-Business